Green Ideas That Will Give Your Lawn A Facelift

A beautiful home with a green lawn surrounding it would be a dream place to dwell on.

A well-maintained lawn will for sure increase the aesthetic value of your possession, besides being a place of choice to rest in the laps of the Mother Nature.

Today I will discuss some simple, but effective methods to increase the appearance of lawns.

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Trim The Edges

Trim The Edges

A flourishing lawn covering a considerable area of courtyard can be made more decent when it is trimmed along its edges. Trimming makes the lawn look tidy and neat. Next, you can bury plastic molds beneath the earth to restrict the growth of grass within the area of your interest.

This helps you to organize your lawn in a way of your choice.

Border It

A well-grown grass-bed can be made more appealing in terms of its look by bordering it. The choice of material chosen to fringe it along its edges would be stone or brick arranged in slightly overlapping slant positions.

These can be either used in their natural color or can be dyed to suit your taste. Additionally, you can even add some lights along the border to increase the beauty of lawn during the night.

Imbibe Nature

A small water bowl or fountain amidst the green lawn

A small water bowl or fountain amidst the green lawn would be a great view for nature-lovers. The attractiveness associated with it will reach its zenith when a few birds would come there to quench their thirst. You can even resort to have a large pond within which ducks and swans swim around, provided your lawn area is considerably big.

A small fish bowl placed on a suitable decor item would also fit, particularly if you are low on budget and want to give it a go with less maintenance.

Cut A Path Through

The shapes of the stones constituting the path-way can be customized to your personal need

Small stones inserted into the earth along the patch give it a special look.

They can run along your lawn to connect two areas of your garden, say the bench to rest on with the swing.

The shapes of the stones constituting the path-way can be customized to your personal need including those of round, square and diamond.

All these techniques hold good provided you have a lawn which is healthy.

In order to ensure that you have a good lawn, frequent maintenance is absolutely necessary. Aerating the soil, watering the lawn at adequate instants of time, mowing at regular intervals, pulling out the weeds, renewing soil fertility using (preferably) compost manure are all necessary to ensure good-looking green lawn. 

Lawn Design

Designs For Your Lawn To Thrill Your Visitors

When it comes to the best of the Lawns, both planning as well as designing goes hand in hand. It can be said that lawn is the foremost feature of your garden. I’ll advise you to stress a bit upon the shape as well as size when you create a lawn. The final layout will determine the viability of your lawn, the overall appeal of your garden and much more. Today, I’ll mention some of the proficient ways that can provide your visitors with a thrill when they visit your lawn.


1.    Bordering Your Lawn:

Garden Fence

Garden Fence

What comes as a great fact is that we humans like borders, we prefer symmetrical divisions over the variable ones. Well, the same is with our lawns. Bordering your lawn in a capable way will make it look dapper, this will promote a catchy appearance when your guests enter the vicinity. A striking interaction is possible through a deemed bordering strategy when it comes to pleasing your visitors. You may prefer wooden borders for the outer boundary, for the inner divisions amidst the plants, I prefer using gaudy stones. The stones with color contrast can be of great worth for both, looks and rigidness.

2.    Include Focal Points:

Easy to build fountain

Easy to build fountain

When you think of thrilling your visitors in the first ever sight, I can think of making your garden interesting with the aid of focal points. This may feature inculcation of several items like Birdbaths, tiny fountains, arches and much more. Splashes of contrast plating can be your best pick for creating a garish appeal. A grand entrance can be planned with the aid of the same, you might place two spruces for the purpose of ushering the visitors. When it comes to placing spruces and alpine plants, I usually opt for 6 feet tall as well as wide ones.

3.    Leave Some Space:

Garden Seats

Garden Seats

Any garden is not just about plating, weeding, and pruning, your lawn must have ample space for you to sit back and enjoy an ecstatic touch of mother nature. The empty space may act as a little escape for you, you might drift away with the beauty of it. For this, a simple pair of table and chair can be of utmost worth. Let your loved ones leverage the organic potential of the place with some eateries through all of this. Let them come, sit and have the glimpse of those beautiful flowers. Let the birds chirp in that beautiful silence.

4.    Rich & Dark Colors:

Colorful Flowers

Colorful Flowers

Leverage the potential of the contrast offered by the variety of plants like purple foliage, encapsulate a blackish appeal with the same. It can be said that if you include black foliage, then you can revamp your garden with a magical touch. The dark-colored foliage amidst the lush green plant can cater to the appeal you desire.

Upgrade your garden

7 Ways To Upgrade Your Small Garden

There comes a time when you think of improving your garden but you don’t happen to have any clue. Today I’ll tell you about the 7 most fruitful ways that may ensure the viability of your endeavors related to the garden upgrade. By inculcation of the under-mentioned 7 key ways will surely boost the appeal of your garden.


1.    Rain Water Harvesting:

Assimilating rainwater can be your best pick when it comes to saving some bucks on your water bills and giving your garden a novel appeal. Through rainwater harvesting, you can leverage the offered potential and can benefit the plants in the vicinity as well. The water harvested by the process contains a lesser number of contaminants, the water is perfect for your plants. In addition, the setup is simple and for sure, it can provide a geeky look to your garden.

2.    Establish A Beehive:

Boost both, the pollination & the creativity of your garden through a small beehive. There is an array of beehives available in the market. I’d prefer a beehive made up of dead wood as it attracts the bees as well. The beehives today available are pretty alluring and they fulfill the purpose in the best way possible.



3.    Install A Birdbath:

If you ask me the best amenity to place in your garden, then I’d prefer a Birdbath, always. A birdbath can be your out of the box pick for attracting the little gaudy birds. The same can fulfill your endeavors related to having an attractive garden. The same can help the soil with attaining the desired moisture while serving those tiny cockatoos. Place some pebbles amidst the Birdbath for added appeal, boost the landscape look with a catalyst in the form of a great Birdbath.

4.    Pocket Plants:

Pocket Plants can be one of a unique way of doing tiny farming. The idea involves hanging a shoe organizer on a wall. Then you can fill up the same with some mud and place some ferns in it. The whole idea looks exotic and provides a touch of ecstasy to your garden. Pocket Plants adds grandeur to the organic appeal of your garden, it just makes things great.

5.    Table Topping Farming:

Place a metal table that is of no use for you in your garden, modify it a bit and place some mud with the maneuver in it. Place some fresh and beautiful ferns in it and you’re good to go. I personally prefer utilizing the things in hand to attain the best of the outcomes. The methods fulfill both my gardening purpose as well as it promotes usability. You might consider glass bottles, metal tubs for the same.

Wooden Table

Wooden Table

6.    Flooring:

Flooring plays a vital role when it specifically comes to the viability of your garden. Just imagine an attractive garden with red marble stone, pretty fascinating, right? Well, trust me, one should stress a bit on the flooring of their garden. People generally opt for a garden fully covered with grass, but I always suggest to divide the areas and include some solid flooring for added ease.

7.    Different Shades Of Green:

Give your garden a botanical color touch with different shades of green. You might include plants with low to higher green pigmentation factor. The idea promotes the viability of the appeal of your small garden by playing with the contrast associated with it. Try including hibiscus, you may also try some geraniums for the best contrast shades for green color. Encapsulate the love of mother nature in the best way possible by including an array of plants.

Lovely Nature

Lovely Nature