Easy Projects For Kitchen Upgrade

Everyone wants their home to look and feel best and exude pleasantness, while this seems to be a daunting task it actually isn’t as I have a few tips that can brighten up your kitchen and house. Whether you live in a condo or own a villa kitchen is the heart of the house and it is the place where many people spend much time bustling around. You can use various tweaks which actually improve the productivity, I prefer to use the wall space judiciously and use hooks to hold the kitchen utensils, this adds the vintage feel to the kitchen.


1.    Lightning:

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

Another thing that I noticed is that most of the people tend to ignore the effect of lightning, well, to say the least, it does not only improve the ambiance it is necessary for proper cooking. I personally use the cabinet lighting which helps in getting rid of the shadow problems associated with the overhead lighting.


2.    Cabinet Space Management:

To add exclusiveness to the kitchen freeing up some cabinet space above the window shelving and picking a clever spot for collectibles can really add to the decor of the kitchen. The color scheme also plays an important role how the kitchen and the rest of the house feel and looks. I generally go for counter matching tops and the tables which sit in contrast with the color background of the kitchen, this adds the dramatic counterpoint to the kitchen.


3.    Gaudy Open Shelves:

To make the kitchen look more spacious I prefer to use the open shelves as in them you can see more of the wall space and this tends to create an illusion of more space. From the creative point of view, this provides the much-needed break from the closed shelves. Not just the walls and the cabinets change the look of kitchen but the table elements also play an important role, I use the oak side table for my kitchen however you can go for any oak or teak wood furniture as it adds to the vintage shade of the kitchen, well weren’t things better in the old days.


4.    Upgrade Your Appliances:

With the coming of new technologies and trends the kitchen appliances deserve an upgrade too, so I prefer to upgrade my appliances after around two to three years of use and I also use mix it up when it comes to drawer pulls, it completely changes the look and I personally prefer the vintage to modern ones but you can go for either as per preference.


5.    Amenity Arrangement:

Kitchen Interior

Kitchen Interior

I also keep on tweaking the sitting arrangement particularly with the stools and seats around the half wall that separates the living area from the kitchen. The one thing that grabbed my attention while doing dishes is the faucet, it isn’t just a conduit for water, faucets can actually make the sink look elegant and make doing dishes enjoyable as a matter of fact now my husband helps me in doing dishes. Another thing that I have done to make cleaning a breeze is the installation of deep sinks and creating a photo gallery backsplash by attaching picture frames using hook and loop tapes to the walls, these pictures provide the personal touch to the kitchen.


6.    Choose an Alluring Background:

The background of the kitchen is not as inconspicuous as it seems and a color palette or tin tiles which are simple and easy to clean actually adds to the overall look of the kitchen, make sure that the color palette isn’t too much distracting or too dull, try to strike a balance. If you have windows in the kitchen like I do you might want to install shades as it reduces the sunlight but I personally prefer the swinging wood shutters as they look more elegant. The kitchen floor forms an integral part of how kitchen looks, when I moved in with my husband in our apartment the kitchen floor had burgundy color and it just didn’t go with the walls, because of the limited budget I painted the floor in a checked pattern and trust me it is one of those decisions that I don’t regret.



Nobody can accurately tell you what furniture or color will suit your kitchen or rooms, so keep experimenting with the different furniture and colors and choose the style which suits to your need and which you find to be the best.