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Birthday Giveaway Recap

  *Giveaway now closed* Again thank you all SO much for making the Birthday Extravaganza a HIT. It was so much fun seeing everyone excited about it and I’m still going through all the comments, it’s so fun seeing what everyone wants and what they say. Some are so silly, I love it. I’ll be…

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Whew! That was quite the day!

Y’all. That was awesome!  Birthday Giveaway Day was definitely a success! I hope you had fun browsing through my favorite of favorites. I sure did. I’m actually pretty jealous I can’t win everything myself. ;) I’ve decided to leave open the giveaway for one more day, because well it’s my birthday and we’ll party if…

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Jewelry box makeover

So I had this old jewelry box I got when I was itty bitty on vacation. Probably..20 years old. Whew. Look at that gem! She looks like she knows something bad is going to happen to her.. It wont hurt.. Just a little paint. Bwa..ha..ha. Yeah, not so much my taste anymore but it really…

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